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Membership in DSA is open to all persons and organizations interested in advancing the field of dance studies through research, publication, performance, and outreach to audiences across the arts, humanities, and social sciences. 

theoryography 4.5: we [still] queer here by thomas f. defrantz. Photo by Sarah Nesbitt 

Membership Levels

Individual Membership

Individual Members are entitled to:
  • Voting privileges
  • Discounted conference registration for DSA and affiliated organizations, including DCA (Dance Critics Association), and SCDS/SECD (The Society for Canadian Dance Studies/La Société des etudes canadiennes en danse)
  • Access to members-only areas of the DSA website
  • Access to the current online membership directory
  • Access to all online DSA Publications
  • Copy of book from annual book series, Studies in Dance History, published by the University of Wisconsin Press
  • Annual Conference Proceedings
  • Annual periodical Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies
  • Members-Only listserve circulating job announcements, information on fellowships, conferences, and publications

Student Membership

Students are a vital part of DSA, comprising over 15% of the current membership. As an SDHS student member, you are in touch with a network of students across the globe with varied interests in dance studies. You also have the opportunity to meet dance scholars and mentors through the organization, and to present papers at the SDHS annual conference. The Students in SDHS Working Group provides a forum for students to dialogue through discussions at conferences, and on an online listserve.

Student Members are entitled to:
  • All benefits listed under Individual Membership
  • Eligibility for two awards granted for the annual conference. Both the Selma Jeanne Cohen Award for outstanding dance scholarship of a conference paper, and the Graduate Student Travel Grants for subsidizing student travel to conferences, offer students the opportunity to present a paper or attend a conference by partially defraying DSA conference costs.

*Student must be enrolled full-time in degree granting program.

Institutional Membership

Institutional Members are entitled to: 
  • Discounted conference registration for DSA conferences for up to four individuals
  • One copy of the book from annual book series, Studies in Dance History, published by the University of Wisconsin Press
  • Print and electronic subscription to Dance Research Journal, published by Cambridge University Press (3 issues per year)
  • Electronic copy of the annual Conference Proceedings; one copy of the annual periodical Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies
  • One vote in elections
  • Access to online content and mentoring for up to four individuals