Dancing the Long Nineteenth Century

Chair: Olivia Sabee, Swarthmore College

This working group is devoted to the artistic issues of the Nineteenth Century.

This working group is devoted to the artistic issues of the Nineteenth Century, including but not limited to:

  • European Romanticism-the Romantic ballet and how it intersected with the expression of Romantic themes and trends in the other arts.
  • Late Enlightenment neo-classicism and the transition between neo-classicism and Romanticism
  • American Romanticism or Transcendentalism
  • Post-Romantic Realism
  • Late 19th century “classicism” in the Russian tradition
  • Impressionism and fin de siècle contexts and issues

This caucus of scholars, including those interested in the reconstruction and performance of nineteenth-century works, meets at our annual conferences to share ideas and information. Our goals include:

  1. welcoming interdisciplinary examination of the arts in this century, inviting scholars from related disciplines (music, literature, philosophy, architecture and the visual arts, theatre history, cultural history, and so on) to submit appropriate papers to DSA conferences.
  2. sharing ideas on research strategies and information on new sources of materials.
  3. sharing information on publication outlets for work on the 19th century.
  4. proposing panels and/or coordinating paper proposals.
  5. providing networking opportunities and introducing graduate students to experienced scholars working in areas of common interest.
  6. overall, increasing the visibility of research being done on nineteenth-century dance and providing support for peers and colleagues engaged in this work.