Theatre and Performance Notes and Counternotes inaugural 2021 issues


Theatre and Performance Notes and Counternotes (TPNC)—a new, forthcoming generalist journal that publishes short-to-medium length articles (—is actively seeking Responses (i.e., “Response Articles”) for our inaugural 2021 issues.

Response articles are quite common in academia as a whole, but have not really existed (yet!) in the field of theatre and performance studies. Responses provide a great way to drum up direct conversations between/among scholars. They also generate more scholarship, as one does not need to re-invent the wheel every time one goes to write an original (“traditional”) scholarly article.

Given that our field may have less familiarity with how responses work in other fields, and what a response may look like, here are a few very simple conceptual templates (that would, hopefully, not end up reading as dry as they do here):


Conceptual Template #1

 Scholar X (or Scholar X and Y) argue(s) _____ [this point can be a major or even a relatively minor point made by Scholar X, but it should yield a significant point by you]. ____ is where scholar X is right. _____ is where scholar X falls short. _____ is why I think scholar X falls short in this argument. Instead, I would suggest ______ because ______.

Conceptual Template #2

Scholar X has argued ______. I want to add further support to this, but I do so by ___________.

Conceptual Template #3

 I have previously argued _______. I want to defend/further/modify/refute my earlier idea in light of recent work by Scholar X. Scholar X argues _____, which addresses my argument by _____. I now suggest ________.


For any questions, or to discuss the possibility of a proposing a “Symposium” of 3-4 Responses based around a common idea/theme, please email the journal’s Editor, Michael Y. Bennett (

 To submit a Response for peer review, please use our automated Editorial Manager (