Revista Brasileira de Estudos da Presenca, Brazilian Journal on Presence Studies

Due April 30, 2021

The Brazilian Journal on Presence Studies [Revista Brasileira de Estudos da Presenca], 

DANCE: HISTORY AND HISTORIOGRAPHY before the deadline of April 30, 2021.

This dossier is inserted in the field of dance, its history and historiographies – in the web of complexities of processes of centralizations and decentralizations, influences and consolidation, circulation, appropriations, migrations and transpositions of sources, uses and knowledge. It also addresses the challenges of the production of dance history, considering the dynamics of digital technologies for production of images and sounds, as well as inter and transdisciplinary relations that can support these reflections. This call invites authors to submit previously unpublished articles about procedures and research in dance, through approaches that, based on the polysemy of the word history, is inserted in the lines of education, creation, production and diffusion of the language of dance.

As a preliminary indication, three subfields have been established to guide the submission and selection of articles. The first includes approaches limited to themes anchored in a specific space-time relationship, a perspective realized through a more general overview, such as education conducted in various and different types of institutions; themes linked to a geographic topology (city, state, country); or to a laboratory of creation or the trajectory of artists, collectives or teachers. The second encompasses themes linked to historic narratives, shared among many actors in the field, articulating creation, education and memory strictu sensu. Finally, the third subfield refers to mediation, interlocution, and the frontiers of historiography and history of dance through archives, collections, criticisms, reception and new forms of action of a present that is projected towards the future.

To support the problematization and debate of themes that compose the field indicated by the title of this call – DANCE: HISTORY AND HISTORIOGRAPHY, the Revista Brasileira de Estudos da Presenca opens space to thematic approaches that explore this scope in different perspectives. Therefore, authors can present theoretical essays or articles from historic research, based on one ore more of the following topics, and other related ones:

  • History and historiographies 
  • Histories of the body and of movement in their multiple dimensions
  • Historiographies of the center, historiographies of the margin, new models and approaches
  • New decolonial models for historiographic approaches
  • History of dance in the education of an artist
  • Research of personal history in dance
  • Oral history of dance
  • History and reception of choreographic works
  • Pedagogy and teaching of dance history
  • Historic research of collections, archives and museums
  • History and economics of dance
  • History and relations between dance, gender and sexuality
  • History of dance, performativity and presence
  • Ethnic-racial relations in the history and historiography of dance
  • History and records of creative processes in dance

Thus, the Revista Brasileira de Estudos da Presenca hopes to receive studies resulting from research conceptually linked to the field of dance, history and history of dance, through its specificity or its relation to other disciplines, establishing dialogs among the points indicated as a point for initiating discussions.

Submissions should conform to the journal's standards and be posted directly to our submission system, where they will undergo our general evaluation process. 

To submit a paper for this call, it is essential to select the proper heading on the journal’s website (Dance:History and Historiography).  We remind you that the journal does not charge for submission or publication and uses a double-blind peer-review system. Texts can be sent in Portuguese, Spanish, English or French and will be published in two languages. Once an article is approved, authors who sent the original text in Portuguese or Spanish (and Portuguese speakers) will be asked to send a translation in English as a condition for publication of the articles.  The translation should be conducted by a translator indicated by the journal and at the expense of the author. The journal will provide the translation to Portuguese of those papers sent in English or French whose authors are native in these languages and as long as there are financial resources available at the time of the edition. Additional information can be found on our website,; our guidelines can be found at “Author Guidelines”.