Perspective: actualité en histoire de l’art

Due September 30, 2019

The next thematic issue of Perspective : actualité en histoire de l’art (no. 2020 – 2) aims to offer an account of current research on the subject of dance in its relation to the visual arts, both as a practice to live by or to look at and also as a representation, including the different notation systems that make it possible to record what, in essence, is hard to archive. Dance undeniably appears as a privileged subject in thinking about the disciplinary porosity on which the history of art relies. Thus this issue aims to advance the study of the field, both chronologically and geographically – in keeping with the journal’s editorial line – from prehistory to the present day, on a global scale – but also on methodological and disciplinary levels, by opening its pages to proposals dealing with, in a nonexhaustive and non-hierarchical way:

  • the notion of choreography in the visual arts;
  • the relationships between choreography and pictorial kinetics;
  • the notion of plasticity in dance;
  • the porosity between certain categories such as dance,
    performance or theatricality, as well as notions ranging from the anthropological notion of ritual to the more generic one of gesture;
  • dance as a social practice at the confluence of religion, politics, education, etc., and its resonances in the visual arts;
  • how gender works with dance and its representations;
  • the relationship between dance and the moving image;
  • the practice and place of dance in the museum space and in
    its collections;
  • the visual and the image as sources for the dance (original and reconstructed works…);
  • dance as rhythm and measure and, in particular, in its relation to architecture;

This issue will thus focus on all forms of dance – from Bacchic rituals to contemporary dance and folk dance, ballroom dancing or classical ballet – in its interactions with the visual arts, from its first expressions and figurations to its most up-to-date forms, in a broader theoretical perspective that will give full weight to periods prior to the second half of the 20th century and to non-Western practices.

Regardless of the subject proposed, contributions must conform to Perspective’s editorial line, which publishes states of research or historiographical essays (25,000 or 45,000 characters) on substantive issues and/or which represent current research in the discipline within the proposed topic.

Please submit your proposals (2,000-3,000 character summary and a 2-3 line biography, as well as a brief bibliography) to the editorial address ( by August 24, 2019. The journal assumes responsibility for the translations and the projects will be examined by the editorial committee, whatever the language. Authors of selected articles will be informed of the committee’s decision by the end of September 2019. Full texts of accepted contributions will need to be sent by May 15, 2020.