Journal of Dance Education CFP: Special Issue, Dance Education for Children and Youth: Our Future as a Field

Due November 01, 2021

Children (infant-adolescent) and youth (adolescent-18 years) are the future of dance education. If we look to the teaching and learning of dance for children and youth in PK-12 schools, private studios, dance organizations, and communities, we can gain insight into future dance education trajectories, such as what the needs for higher education might be and possible directions for professional dance. While this Special Issue is not specifically about the global COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on dance education, the pandemic has undoubtedly shaped research, scholarship, teaching, and learning in dance education, and therefore, manuscripts that reference the pandemic are welcome.

Key questions addressed by the Special Issue include:

  • How does dance education for children and youth set the tone for the future of dance education, and how is it changing? In PK-12 dance education? In higher education and professional dance? In research?
  • What are the challenges and concerns that continue to shape teaching, learning, and scholarship in dance education for children and youth?
  • How is racial equity activism shaping dance education for children and youth?

Contexts may include, but are not limited to:

  • PK-12 dance education in schools, including dance specialists, teaching artists, and inter- & trans-disciplinary approaches; arts integration, fusion 
  • Teacher education & professional development in PK-12 dance education
  • Private studio, community dance organizations, companies, and social dance practices
  • International dance education
  • Accessible and inclusive practices and approaches
  • Intersectionality and identity
  • Arts and dance education policy and advocacy
  • Digital and technological practices

Manuscript collaborations among authors across dance education sectors (PK-12, studio, community organizations, artist-in-residence, research, higher education) are encouraged.

Before submitting a manuscript for possible publication, please consult the online version of the Journal of Dance Education's Instructions for Authors for the most up to date policies, procedures, and requirements. 

Articles may be one of three types: 1) Feature Articles (4,000-6,000 words), 2) In Practice (1,500-3,000 words), or 3) Student readings: (1,000-3,000 words). Note that word count for Special Issues is different from usual word counts. Please indicate that the manuscript is for the Special Issue when submitting. All articles should be submitted electronically via the Taylor & Francis ScholarOne link: Only finished articles will be considered.

Contact Alison Leonard at with questions.