“Ilaria Caccia” Annual Scholarship

Due October 15, 2020

The Department of Cultures and Civilisations of the University of Verona (dcuci.univr.it) and the Italian Association for Research on Dance (AIRDanza; www.airdanza.it) announce a competition for a study award dedicated to Ilaria Caccia, a young student at the University of Genoa, who departed prematurely; dance was for her an intensely lived passion.

Participation is reserved to the Master’s or doctoral theses discussed at Italian, European and non-European universities during the academic years 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019, and 2019-2020.

Qualifying dissertations will regard dance history in general, with neither geographical nor chronological limits.

The scholarship offered amounts to €1200 (gross of any withholding taxes).

The Committee will be formed by: prof. Alessandro Arcangeli (University of Verona - Department of Cultures and Civilisations), a member designated by AIRDanza, prof. Federica Bagnera (Dance teacher for the Italian National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team, a member designated by the Caccia-Sanfelici family) and prof. Marina Nordera (Université Nice Sophia Antipolis), as an academic representative of a non-Italian institution. It will be chaired by prof. Alessandro Arcangeli. 


1. Theses, written in Italian, English, French or Spanish, must be submitted in electronic form (pdf) to the Chair of the Committee, prof. Alessandro Arcangeli (alessandro.arcangeli@univr.it), by midnight CET of 15 October 2020.              

2. Submissions will have to be accompanied by a curriculum vitae et studiorum of the participant, by an official certificate attesting the year of discussion of the thesis, the vote or assessment obtained and by a brief synopsis, all in electronic form.

3. By 30 November 2020 the Committee will evaluate the received submission with a judgment, motivated and conclusive, and will proclaim the winner.

4 . The prize will be awarded publicly in Verona at the Department of Cultures and Civilisations and the awarded thesis will be later presented on the occasion of a public event organized by AIRDanza.

5 . In the event of publication of the thesis or part of it, the printed text must include the indication that the publication received the support of the ‘Ilaria Caccia’ scholarship.