Feminist Modernist Studies Call for Submissions

Due November 01, 2020

Feminist Modernist Studies invites submissions for a special issue devoted to dance between 1870-1970. Dance played a critical role in defining and disseminating modernist aesthetics, occupying center stage for some of our most retold stories about modernism’s rocky relationship with a resistant public, as in the legendarily tumultuous 1913 premiere of the Ballet Russes’ Sacre du Printemps. But a more comprehensive understanding of dance’s pioneering artists, critics, and movements, and its social and political responsiveness eludes modernist studies, and the relationship between dance scholars and scholars of literary and visual modernisms remains uneasy. With this special issue we aim to foreground histories and theories of dance as integral to modernism, as well as explore the ways that dance exists in a broader cultural context than the problematic and delimiting term “modernism” allows. 

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

Studies of individual choreographers, dancers, directors, designers, schools and companies

Dance and auteurism 

Dance journalism

Decolonization of dance from Eurocentric viewpoints

Dance and/as social justice

Dance and/as pedagogy

Dance and/as politics

Dance and film

Contemporary adaptations of modernist choreography

Contributions may take the form of scholarly essays of between 6000-7500 words or Practice-as-Research documentation and reflection pieces of between 3000-4000 words.

Proposals of between 250-350 words due November 1, 2020

First drafts  due  June 1, 2021

Final drafts due August 1, 2021

Publication October, 2021

Please direct queries and proposals to Melissa Bradshaw (mbradshaw@luc.edu) and Jessica Ray Herzogenrath (jrayherzogenrath@tamu.edu)