Dance around the World textbook: Call for authors


Human Kinetics Publishing has commissioned Lynn E. Frederiksen and Shih-Ming Li Chang (authors of Chinese Dance: In the Vast Land and Beyond, Wesleyan University Press 2016) to develop a college-level textbook on world dance. The project includes a print and e-book text with supplementary web-based materials designed to introduce a range of world dance cultures from the insiders' perspectives. We seek contributors to share their knowledge in a way that helps students engage with dance from new cultural viewpoints, moving beyond their immediate experiences with dance into true cross-cultural understanding. The book will be organized in 5 regions with 4-7 chapters per section for a total of about 30 chapters in the book. Our hope is that range of chapters/cultures in each section will illustrate the key factors affecting dance across the given region. Below are listed some of the cultures/countries we might hope to include in our textbook, depending on the availability of contributors. An asterisk * indicates tentative or confirmed contributors. We welcome suggestions on both the range of cultures and on specific scholars who might be interested in contributing to this project.

Americas: (US) Native American, (Canada) First Nations Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala* Brazil (Caribbean) Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Haiti

Africa and Middle East: Ghana* Mali, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, (Middle East) Turkey, Iran, Egypt

Europe/Russia: Ireland* Spain, Greece, Croatia* Ukraine, Scandinavia, Russia

Asia: China* India* Japan, Korea, Indonesia

Australia/Oceania: Australia, Polynesia

Contributors would be asked to provide the following:

  1. A chapter manuscript 20-30 pages long (5,000-7,500 words) about the dances from your culture, guided by a series of questions that we would provide.
  2. Access to and/or suggestions for photographs and illustrations to accompany the chapter.
  3. Suggestions for and links to supplementary materials (videos, other publications, etc.) for the web-based supplement.

What we offer in return for your contributions:

  1. For each chapter, Human Kinetics will offer compensation in the amount of $300 USD or the equivalent in Human Kinetics products.
  2. Human Kinetics will assist in obtaining photographs and illustrations.
  3. Human Kinetics will assist with translation, as needed.
  4. Human Kinetics will employ a dance pedagogue to develop the web-based teaching resource shaped by your recommendations for materials relevant to your chapter.
  5. As author of a chapter within this book, your name would be highlighted, and through the publication and promotion of the book we would help to publicize your other works (books, articles, performances, workshops, etc.).

If you are interested in contributing your knowledge to this project, and/or have suggestions of others who might be interested in collaborating on this work, please contact us at, or by phone: Country code 1+614-832-2854.

We will right away send you detailed guidelines on the format and content that we seek for the chapters of the textbook. We welcome any additional suggestions on these guidelines as they relate to your specific culture.

Lynn E. Frederiksen
Department of Visual and Performing Arts
Adjunct Professor of Theater Arts
Clark University
950 Main Street
Worcester, MA 01610

Shih-Ming Li Chang李式敏
Chair, Theater and Dance Department
Associate Professor of Dance
Wittenberg University
905 Woodland Ave.
Springfield, OH 45501