Call for papers «Danza e ricerca. Laboratorio di studi, scritture, visioni», n.14, 2022

Due May 15, 2022

The Transmission of Ballet

This thematic section aims at encompassing the issues concerning both the transmission from dancer to dancer or from choreographer to dancer, and the reconstruction of ballets created in a range of time between the XVII and the early XX century. With no claim of being exhaustive, some sub-issues are suggested below (but others can be taken into consideration):

  • How have the ballets of the past survived, including those that, whilst remaining in the repertoire, underwent changes?
  • How to transmit and approach the surviving choreographic scores, whether they are related to ballets currently present in or dropped out of the repertoire?
  • How has the choreography of a particular character been transmitted from its creation to this day, also with regard to prominent dancers of the XX and XXI century?
  • Which are the methodological issues concerning the reconstruction of a ballet? When can we talk about reconstruction and when about re-creation? We invite Italian and foreign scholars to submit historical, methodological and philological essays, which might enrich the discussion on the themes of the dossier.

Call for papers/general section

We can accept articles focused on either contemporary or historical dance. The type of contributions we will accept range from historiography, to theory, to reviews, and should incorporate an extensive use of research tools deriving from interrelated disciplines such as anthropology, philosophy, sociology, and pedagogy. The paper should be written in either Italian, French, or English, and the length should be between 25,000 and 60,000 characters, including spaces.

We also encourage the submission of already published articles and translations, provided that they are in the public domain or are accompanied by permission from the copyright holders.

Finally, applicants are welcome to submit bibliographies on particular topics in the dance field (e.g. concerning specific disciplines, dance practices, dancers, and choreographers). Each bibliography should be accompanied by a critical introduction.

Authors must submit licenses for all works requiring them with the manuscript. That includes permissions that may be needed to reproduce material created by other people, including images and text quotations.

After the preliminary approval by the Direction, each article submission is blind reviewed by two international dance scholars, who can make one of the following judgments: a) positive; b) positive, with request for changes; c) negative. In any case, authors will receive an evaluation sheet.

Submissions must be written according to the editorial guidelines ( and emailed to: Contributions must be accompanied by an abstract and the author’s CV (each text should consist of 800-character maximum, including spaces).

The submission deadline for this issue is the 15th of May 2022. Contributions submitted after the deadline will be delayed to the next issue.

Authors admitted to the process of peer review will be notified by 30th of May 2022.