Cluster Hire in the College of Fine Arts for senior-level (Associate/Full) faculty

University of Texas, at Austin
Due November 01, 2021

UT announces a cluster hire in the College of Fine Arts for senior-level (Associate/Full) faculty with a focus in interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary approaches to scholarship and research-based practice in visual, media-based, and performing arts of the United States. Specifically seeking faculty invested in deepening our engagement with underrepresented archives and repertoires within the United States, inclusive of perspectives from Indigenous, Afrodiasporic, Mexican American and LatinX, Asian American and Pacific Islander. The committee welcomes transnational, hemispheric, circum-Atlantic, and global frameworks and methodologies.

This interdisciplinary cohort hire is intended to impact the curricula, research profiles, and culture of more than one department/school in the College of Fine Arts. They will introduce innovations to the study of artistic expression that intersect with complementary disciplines; for example, religious studies, ethnography/anthropology, practice as research, new media/genre studies, technological arts and ethics, science and art, cultural/race/ethnic studies, disability studies, and transnational studies. We invite applications from academics and practitioners whose teaching, scholarship, creative activity, and/or service explore forms of artistic and creative practice not necessarily aligned with traditional institutions or methodologies. We encourage applications from members of groups whose underrepresentation in the American professoriate has been severe and longstanding.


The College of Fine Arts consists of the following departments/schools:

The Department of Art and Art History

Art Education

Art History

Studio Art

The Butler School of Music

Music and Human Learning




The Department of Theatre and Dance


Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities

Live Design and Production

Performance as Public Practice

Playwriting and Directing

The School of Design and Creative Technologies

Arts and Entertainment Technologies


Required Qualifications:

• Terminal degree in field

• Established national/international record of research and professional practice with focus on cross-disciplinary approaches in the arts

• A record of working productively with people of diverse races, ethnicities, nationalities, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, and abilities

• Hold the rank of Associate Professor or Professor

Desired Qualifications

• Capacity to respond in pedagogically productive ways to the learning needs of students from diverse backgrounds

• Sustained personal engagement with underrepresented communities and an ability to bring this asset to learning, teaching, and scholarship at the college and university level

• Likelihood of using the diversity of human experience as an educational resource in teaching and scholarship

• A demonstrated capacity to work across artistic disciplines

How to Apply