Assistant Professor, History of Dance

Yale University: Faculty of Arts and Sciences: Humanities: Theater Studies
Due November 21, 2020

The Theater and Performance Studies Program at Yale University invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position of Assistant Professor in the History of Dance, with a preferred specialization in the history of dance in Africa and/or the African diaspora. Start date July 2021.

In addition to their area of expertise, the ideal candidate will have familiarity with a range of geographies and cultural lenses in their teaching and research and bring a global perspective to networks of embodied transmission and exchange, with a focused attention to histories of colonization and decolonization understood through dance. The candidate will lead both broader survey courses and more narrowly focused seminars, and contribute to the integration of creative and scholarly teaching and research emphasized in the program. The candidate will be able to teach courses on a range of topics, including the intersection of methods in dance history, topics in critical dance studies, performance studies, and postcolonial and/or critical race theory. The candidate will advise student independent study and senior projects, be available to engage with graduate work related to dance studies outside of the program, and contribute to the ongoing operation of the program to foster and grow dance and performance studies at Yale. The ideal candidate will have an emerging portfolio of scholarly work within dance history and an interest in integrating and forging partnerships across the university to support the deepening presence and role of dance studies within the humanities at Yale.

Building on the foundation of occasional dance courses offered at Yale since the early 1980s, since 2006 Theater and Performance Studies has supported a wide-ranging program in dance studies. The curriculum consists of studio and seminar courses that cover the history, theory, and practice of dance.

The dance studies curriculum emphasizes the study of movement as a window into larger cultural processes and historical frameworks. In keeping with the mission of Theater and Performance Studies, the courses combine practical and theoretical approaches to deepening students’ understanding. In the studio courses, practical execution in the form of mastering diverse dance techniques, canonical repertory and choreographic methods is treated as an invaluable component of research and writing. The curriculum further investigates the fluid and fraught relationship between movement and language. Students develop a shared critical vocabulary for reading, interpreting and writing about dance, even as many of them learn to communicate their ideas through the creation of original dance compositions.


Required Qualifications

  • Eligible candidates will hold a PhD or equivalent degree at time of hire, in History, Dance Studies, Performance Studies or related fields.
  • An active scholarly research profile
  • Experience with teaching and mentoring a diverse body of undergraduate students
  • Fluency in working with dance studies in interdisciplinary dialogue with other disciplines in the humanities and arts.

Preferred Qualifications

  • An emerging scholar actively engaged with the professional fields of dance studies and dance history.
  • Facility with integrated practice-theory teaching and research methods.
  • A demonstrated commitment to teaching students from a wide variety of majors.
  • An ability to advise and mentor students from diverse majors in research related to dance history, African and African diasporic performance, and global contemporary dance.
  • A demonstrated commitment to contributing to a healthy and flourishing program, university culture, and community.

How to Apply