Dance Research Journal, August 2019

Volume 51, Issue 2

Editor: Helen Thomas

The articles in this issue have a strong historical theme, which may also be seen to advance a revisionist analysis (Keilson, Snow, Mollehauer, Oriol, and to some extent Huschka). As is increasingly common in current dance scholarship, political considerations are never very far away from these discussions.

Helen Thomas 8/14/2019

Table of Contents

pp. 1-2

Editor’s Note

Helen Thomas

pp. 4-17

Aesthetic Strategies of Trance-gression: The Politics of Bodily Scenes of Ecstasy

Sabine Huschka

pp. 18-34

The Embodied Conservatism of Rudolf Laban, 1919–1926

Ana Isabel Keilson

pp. 35-50

Orientalized Aztecs: Observations on the Americanization of Theatrical Dance

K. Mitchell Snow

pp. 51-67

Embodied Knowledge as Revolutionary Dance: Representations of Cuban Modern Dance in Alma Guillermoprieto’s Dancing with Cuba

Rachel Oriol

pp. 68-85

A Changing Focus: The Evolution of Irish Step Dancing Competitions in Australia

Jeanette Mollenhauer

pp. 87-89

Back to the Dance Itself: Phenomenologies of the Body in Performance (Review)

Raegan Truax

pp. 89-92

Argentina Queer Tango: Dance and Sexuality Politics in Buenos Aires (Review)

Şengül Yıldız Alanbay

pp. 92-95

Ray Bolger: More than a Scarecrow (Review)

Barry Brannum

pp. 95-97

Aesthetic Citizenship: Immigration and Theater in Twenty-First-Century Paris (Review)

Anna Kimmel

pp. 99

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