Dance Research Journal, August 2018

Volume 50, Number 2


Editor : Helen Thomas

There are various links between individual articles in this issue, wherein the politics of performance in some way or another is brought to the fore. The first two individual essays by Gerald Siegmund and Christina Thurner, which were submitted together, further trouble the meaning of the often taken for granted understanding of the term “contemporary” in relation to “dance,” a question which SanSan Kwan considered largely in connection with American dance in the December issue of this journal in 2017, “When is Contemporary Dance?” The third and fifth articles by Ketu Katrak and Imani Kai Johnson respectively situate the politics of performance in relation to or in conjunction with, space and place and race, via their individual analysis of the site-specific choreography of Jay Pather, and the oral history of 1970s-1980s hip hop battling in the South Bronx in New York City. The politics of performance is also invoked in the fourth article by Hannah Yohalem, who argues that contact improvisation’s shift from the primacy of the visual in performance to sensate experience can be seen to be influenced by and holds much in common with, anarchistic forms of “mutual assistance,” which may seem like a contradiction in terms.

Helen Thomas 11/11/2018

Table of Contents

pp. 1-2

Editor’s Note

Helen Thomas

pp. 4-14

How to Re-View Things with Words? Dance Criticism asTranslation—Pina Bausch

Christina Thurner

pp. 15-30

Doing the Contemporary: Pina Bausch as a Conceptual Artist

Gerald Siegmund

pp. 31-44

Jay Pather Reimagining Site-Specific Cartographiesof Belonging

Ketu H. Katrak

pp. 45-61

Displacing Vision: Contact Improvisation, Anarchy, andEmpathy

Hannah Yohalem

pp. 62-75

Battling in the Bronx: Social Choreography and OutlawCulture Among Early Hip-Hop Streetdancers in New York City

Imani Kai Johnson

pp. 78-87

The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Politics (Essay Review)

Sarah Wilbur

pp. 90-93

The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Politics (Book Review)

Hiie Saumaa

pp. 93-95

Repetition in Performance:Returns and Invisible Forces

Eirini Kartsaki

pp. 95-97

This Is How We Dance Now!Performance in the Age ofBollywood and Reality Shows

Pallabi Chakravorty

pp. 99-100

Books Received