Dance Research Journal, April 2021

Volume 53, Issue 1

Dance Research Journal

Executive Co-Editor: Rebekah J. Kowal

Executive Co-Editor: Nadine George-Graves

The April 2021 issue of Dance Research Journal (DRJ) and this Foreword offer opportunities for looking backward, looking forward, and previewing the scholarship we are publishing in issue 53:1. Issue 53:1 is the first compiled by a new editorial team and under a new editorial structure. In January 2021, we became Executive Co-Editors of DRJ and assembled an editorial team including Editorial Assistants Katie Skinner and Michael Landez. We are happy to be working alongside Dr. Stacey Prickett, Reviews Editor. During this transition period, we have been consulting with each other regularly and finding ways of making decisions collaboratively ranging from daily operations, to editorial work, to visioning, while, at the same time, delegating specialized editorial labor and responsibilities so that we can cover more ground as a team. As the labor we have undertaken is considerable, and in large part invisible, we would like to take this opportunity to recognize and express deep and immense gratitude to each member of our editorial team for dedicating their time, effort, and care to our shared project of developing scholarship and advancing knowledge in dance studies.

Table of Contents

pp. 1-3

Forward/Editor’s Note

Rebekah J. Kowal, Nadine George-Graves

pp. 5-22

Invented Dances, Or, How Nigerian Musicians Sculpt the Body Politic

Dotun Ayobade

pp. 23-43

Cautionary Contours: Joann Kealiinohomoku’s Silhougraphs® and Dance Analysis in Black and White

Judith Hamera

pp. 44-60

Colonial Rupture and Native Continuity in Indigenous Cultural Representations: Through Hawaiian Ancient Dance Kahiko

Mai Misaki

pp. 61-77

“You stole my work! And you stole it poorly!” Choreography, Copyright, and the Problem of Inexpert Iterations

K.E. Glover

pp. 79-81

Merce Cunningham: After the Arbitrary (Review)

Jessica Friedman

pp. 81-83

Dictionnaire de l’Opera de Paris Sous L’Ancien Regime (1669-1791) (Review)

Sanja Andus L'Hotellier

pp. 83-86

Dancing the World Smaller: Staging Globalism in Mid-Century America (Review)

Camelia Lenart

pp. 86-89

The Fascist Turn in the Dance of Serge Lifar: Interwar French Ballet and the German Occupation (Review)

Dana Mills

pp. 89-91

Choreography Invisible: The Disappearing Work of Dance (Review)

Eric Mullis

pp. 91-93

Corporeal Politics: Dancing East Asia (Review)

Angeline Young

pp. 93-96

The Routledge Companion to Dance Studies (Review)

Shantel Ehrenberg

pp. 96-101

The Bloomsbury Companion to Dance Studies (Review)

Kat Echevarria Richter