Dance Research Journal, April 2019

Volume 51, Number 1

Dance Research Journal 2019

Editor : Katharina Peqny, Annelies Van Assche, Simon Leenknegt, Rebekah J. Kowal

The roots of this guest-edited special issue run deep in our ongoing research that focuses on “the precarious” in the performing arts. As a way of introducing the issue’s theme of ” Work With(Out) Boundaries: Dance and Precarity,” we set out by briefly outlining the genesis of the discourse on “the precarious” that has informed our understanding of the concepts of precarity and precariousness. This early discourse has prompted a much broader literature on precarity in dance and performance studies that has established the groundwork for the featured articles.

Katharina Peqny, Annelies Van Assche, Simon Leenknegt, Rebekah J. Kowal 4/23/19

Table of Contents

pp. 1-6

Editors’ Note

Katharina Peqny, Annelies Van Assche, Simon Leenknegt, Rebekah J. Kowal

pp. 8-19

Artistic Work as a Practice of Translation on the Global Art Market: The Example of “African” Dancer and Choreographer Germaine Acogny

Gabriele Klein

pp. 20-31

Emerging Frameworks for Engaging Precarity and “Otherness” in Greek Contemporary Dance Performances

Natalie Zervou

pp. 32-46

Select Subverting Precariousness: Work, History, and Aesthetics in Contemporary Dance in Buenos Aires

Juan Ignacio Vallejos

pp. 47-65

Democracy’s Body, Neoliberalism’s Body: The Ambivalent Search for Egalitarianism Within the Contemporary Post/Modern Dance Tradition

Jose L. Reynoso

pp. 66-78

Projects, Precarity, and the Ontology of Dance Works

Hetty Blades

pp. 79-94

Having a Personal (Performance) Practice: Dance Artists’ Everyday Work, Support, and Form

Anne Schuh

pp. 96-101

Zones of Production in Possible Worlds: Dance’s Precarious Placement, an Afterword

Jane C. Desmond

pp. 103-105

Revolutionary Bodies: Chinese Dance and the Socialist Legacy by Emily Wilcox. 2018. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. 322 pp., 31 illustrations. $34.95 paperback. ISBN: 9780520300576.

Fangfei Miao

pp. 105-107

Dancing in Blackness: A Memoir by Halifu Osumare. Foreword by Brenda Dixon Gottschild. 2018. Gainsville, FL: University Press of Florida. 352 pp. $35.95 cloth. $26.95 paper. Hardcover ISBN: 9780813056616. Paper ISBN: 9780813064321.

Joanna Dee Das

pp. 107-110

Choreomania: Dance and Disorder by Kélina Gotman. 2018. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. 381 pages. 23 Illustrations. $39.99 paperback. ISBN: 9780190840426.

Audrey Lane Ellis

pp. 110-112

Consuming Dance: Choreography and Advertising by Colleen T. Dunagan. 2018. New York: Oxford University Press. 264 pp., 48 screen stills. $29.95 paper. ISBN: 9780190491376.

L. Archer Porter

pp. 114

Books Received