Dance Research Journal, April 2017

Volume 49, Number 1

Stephan Koplowitz, Grand Step Project: Flight, 2004, St John the Divine, Manhattan, NY. Photographer: Julie Lemberger. Photo courtesy of Stephan Koplowitz.

Editor: Helen Thomas

The five essays in this issue are quite diverse in terms of subject matter, context, and approach. However, if there is one aspect that links them, it is a concern with historical framing, whether it is to shed new light on a subject through a critical analysis of certain shifts in recent dance practices by addressing the historical precedents from whence they emerged (Kloetzel, Haitzinger, Joncheere), or to bring to our attention the importance of a highly regarded performer or author in their day, who somehow got lost in in the mist of time and is now being brought back into the light (Burden, Saumaa). The authors hail from the Canada, Austria, Belgium, Britain, and USA, thus continuing the international focus of the journal.

Table of Contents

pp. 1-4

Editor’s Note: Stepping Backward and Moving Forward

Helen Thomas

pp. 5-23

Site and Re-Site: Early Efforts to Serialize Site Dance

Melanie Kloetzel

pp. 24-36

Afro-Futurism or Lament?: Staging Africa(s) in Dance Today and in the 1920s

Nicole Haitzinger

pp. 37-54

Kalbeliya Dance from Rajasthan: Invented Gypsy Form or Traditional Snake Charmers’ Folk Dance?

Ayla Joncheere

pp. 55-69

A Short Article on a Lively Subject: Geltruda Rossi, Sarah Siddons, and Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth à la Fuseli

Michael Burden

pp. 70-86

Annie Payson Call’s Training in Release and Somatic Imagination

Hiie Saumaa

pp. 87-91

Choreographing Copyright: Race, Gender, and Intellectual Property Rights in American Dance by Anthea Kraut (Review)

Lizzie Leopold

pp. 91-93

Dramaturgy in Motion: At Work on Dance and Movement Performance by Katherine Profeta (Review)

Kate Elswit

pp. 93-95

She Is Cuba: A Genealogy of the Mulata Body by Melissa Blanco Borelli (Review)

Elizabeth Schwall

pp. 95-97

Isadora Duncan in the 21st Century: Capturing the Art and Spirit of the Dancer’s Legacy by Andrea Mantell Seidel (Review)

Meg Brooker

pp. 97-100

Choreographies of 21st Century Wars ed. by Gay Morris and Jens Giersdorf (Review)

Naomi Jackson

pp. 102-103

Books Received