Dance Research Journal, April 2016

Volume 48, Number 1. Special Issue: Indigenous Dance Today

Drj April 2016

Guest Editor: Jacqueline Shea Murphy

To even begin to talk about “Indigenous Dance Today” trips the tongue before the mouth opens. What is Indigenous, and how do we discuss it (whatever it is) in attentive awareness to complex and ongoing histories of location and dislocation, of seizing and selling, of invisibilization and incorporation, of trashing and taking, of treaties and translations and no treaties and no translations, of desire and disdain? What kinds of “Indigenous dance,” and where? When is “today,” and how is what’s happening”today” in relation to “Indigenous” histories (in which colonizing violence first constituted “Indigenous” in the first place) and futurities? These are all old and new questions, in constant shift. Who is asking, and who is answering? Who is listening to the questions and answers, and who is not? How to begin, and to continue, without shutting up or shutting down?

Table of Contents

pp. 1-8

Editor’s Note: Doing Indigenous Dance Today. To Michael Tsosie, with love.

Jacqueline Shea Murphy

pp. 9-12


Jacqueline Shea Murphy

pp. 13-18

Dreaming the Fourth Hill

Daystar/Rosalie Jones

pp. 18-23

Dancing Earth: Seeds Roots Plants and Foods, from Origi Nation to Re-Generation

Rulan Tangen

pp. 24-28

Slow Scrape (2012–2015)

Tanya Lukin Linklater

pp. 29-32

My Making of We Wait in the Darkness

Rosy Simas

pp. 33-36

Ko Mitimiti ahau, I Am (of) the Place, Mitimiti

Jack Gray

pp. 36-38


Emily Johnson

pp. 39-54

Dee(a)r Spine: Dance, Dramaturgy, and the Repatriation of Indigenous Memory

Sam Mitchell, Julie Burelle

pp. 55-73

Dancing the Pluriverse: Indigenous Performance as Ontological Praxis

María Regina Firmino Castillo

pp. 74-90

Dancing Chiax, Dancing Sovereignty: Performing Protocol in Unceded Territories

Mique’l Dangeli

pp. 91-105

Gesturing Indigenous Futurities Through the Remix

Karyn Recollet

pp. 106-125

Culture Creators and Interconnected Individualism: Rulan Tangen and Anne Pesata’s Basket Weaving Dance

Tria Blu Wakpa

pp. 126-151

Naadmaagewin … The Art of Working Together in Our Communities

Marrie Mumford

pp. 152-162

Ohlone Profiles: A Brief Report on Some Currents of Native American Dance in Northern California

Neil MacLean

pp. 163-167

Simone Forti: Thinking with The Body (review)

Julie Perrin

pp. 167-170

Dancing to Learn: The Brain’s Cognition, Emotion, and Movement by Judith Lynne Hanna (review)

Shantel Ehrenberg

pp. 171-172

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