Dance Research Journal, December 2019

Volume 51, Issue 3

Table of Contents

pp. 1-2

Editor’s Note

Helen Thomas

pp. 4-27

Mapping Touring: Remediating Concert Dance Archives

Harmony Bench

pp. 28-46

A Dance of Resistance from Recife, Brazil: Carnivalesque Improvisation in Frevo

Kathleen A. Spanos

pp. 47-65

Ambiguous Masculinities: Gender and Sexual Transgression in Contemporary Dance Works by Senegalese Men

Amy Swanson

pp. 66-83

Im/possible Choreographies: Diffractive Processes and Ethical Entanglements in Current British Dance Practices

Daniela Perazzo Domm

pp. 84-96

Choreographic Ghosts: Dance and the Revival of Shuffle Along

Joanna Dee Das

pp. 97-100

Ungoverning Dance: Contemporary European Theatre Dance and the Commons (Review)

Sariel Golomb Frankfurter

pp. 101-104

Remain (Review)

Debra Levine

pp. 104-106

Dancing Odissi: Paratopic Performances of Gender and State (Review)

Kaustavi Sarkar

pp. 108

Books Received