Dance Research Journal, August 2017

Volume 49, Number 2

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Editor: Helen Thomas

The articles in this issue present a variety of topics and thematic concerns, ranging from the alignment of Cuban ballet dancers in the 1960s with the ideals of the industrial “New Man”; to the neo-liberal consequences, intended or otherwise, of Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin’s dance training system, “Gaga”; to Quebec-based choreographer Zab Maboungou’s contemporary African dance philosophy, heritage, and practice to training and performing that challenges choreographic Eurocentrism in Canada; to a comparative analysis of Lynn Seymour’s “rebellious,” “de-classifying” ballet performance as Juliet in Kenneth Macmillan’s‚ Romeo and Juliet (1964-1965) and the subsequent “re-classification” of Juliet performed by Margot Fonteyn, and to conclude, a qualitative research assessment of the responses of military personnel to British choreographer Rosy Kay’s highly acclaimed work Five Soldiers: The Body is the Frontline (2015 tour), which represented soldiers.

Table of Contents

pp. 1-2

Editor’s Note

Helen Thomas

pp. 3-25

Swans in Sugarcane fields: Proletarian Ballet Dancers and The Cuban Revolution’s Industrious New Man

Lester Tomé

pp. 26-43

Gaga as Metatechnique: Negotiating Choreography, Improvisation, and Technique in a Neoliberal Dance Market

Meghan Quinlan

pp. 44-61

Walking with the Self: Zab Maboungou’s Interventions Against Eurocentrism Through Contemporary African Dance

Melissa Templeton

pp. 62-78

Effacing Rebellion and Righting the Slanted: Declassifying the Archive of MacMillan’s (1965) and Shakespeare’s (1597) Romeo and Juliets

Brandon Shaw

pp. 79-95

Representing Soldiers to Soldiers Through Dance: Authenticity, Theatricality, and Witnessing The Pain of Others

Matthew Reason

pp. 97-100

Trisha Brown: Choreography as Visual Art by Susan Rosenberg (Review)

Rebecca Chaleff

pp. 100-104

Like a Bomb Going Off: Leonid Yakobson and Ballet as Resistance in Soviet Russia by Janice Ross (Review)

Hanna Järvinen

pp. 104-106

Dramaturgy in the Making: A User’s Guide for Theatre Practitioners by Katalin Trencsényi (Review)

Randi Evans

pp. 107-108

Flowers Cracking Concrete: Eiko & Koma’s Asian/American Choreographies by Rosemary Candelario (Review)

Mana Hayakawa

pp. 109-111

Blackpentecostal Breath: The Aesthetics of Possibility by Ashon Crawley (Review)

Jasmine Johnson

pp. 112-114

Embodied Philosophy in Dance: Gaga and Ohad Naharin’s Movement Research by Einav Katan (review)

Melissa Melpignano

pp. 115-116

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