The Popular as the Political

2018 | XXXVIII

Dsa 2018 Conversations Fa Cover

Guest Editor: Melissa Blanco Borelli and Anamaria Tamayo Duque

This special edition of Conversations across the Field of Dance Studies emerges from our discussions as members of the international research network PoP [Performances of the Popular] Moves which focuses on popular dance and performance. At one of our meetings in London we thought it urgent to address the political potential of popular dance practices. As the rise of populist nationalist sentiment takes over in countries on both sides of the equator, we are primarily interested in how popular dance, broadly conceived, emerges as a mode of communication, citizenship, and resistance. read more. 

Table of Contents

pp. 6

A Word from the Guest Editors

Melissa Blanco Borelli and Anamaria Tamayo Duque

pp. 8

“The Patter of Our Feet”: Parading and Political Organizing in New Orleans

Rachel Carrico

pp. 13

When Ballet Became Popular: Dance and Politics Duringthe 1950s Peronist Loyalty Week Festivities

Eugenia Cadús

pp. 19

The Bomba Wiki Project: A Digital Batey

Jade Power-Sotomayor

pp. 22

Women’s Performativities and Gender Politics in hip hop and street dance cultures of Greece

Natalia Koutsougera

pp. 29

(Re)making Difference: Danced Encounters in a Northern Barrio of Quito, Ecuador

Sofie Narbed

pp. 34

Collegiality and the Crew: Fixing ‘Broken Britain’through Ashley Banjo’s Big Town Dance (2014)

Laura Robinson

pp. 40

Dis/Orienting Place, Space, and Spectatorship: Parris Goebel’s Polyswagg and the Politics of YouTube Encounters

Elena Benthaus

pp. 48

“Feeling from the Outside”: Intercultural Dialogue and Filmic Ethnography in Flamenco Street Performance in Seville, Spain |

Konstantina Bousmpoura