Teacher's Imprint - Rethinking Dance Legacy

2017 | XXXVII

Conversations Across The Field Of Dance Studies 2017

Guest Editor: Sanja Andus L'Hotellier

Teacher’s Imprint-Rethinking Dance Legacy pays homage to French dance scholar and critic Laurence Louppe (1938-2012) and germinated from conversations with Professor Emerita Dr. Vera Maletic (1928- 2015) from the Ohio State University. Resolutely internationalist, Maletic was a member of the third generation of Laban-trained teachers and taught extensively throughout Europe and the US. This issue of Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies emerged from the desire we shared to bring together teachers, dancers, and scholars from different countries and mother tongues, across a wide range of dance practices, in a discussion around the notion of the teacher’s imprint. read more

Table of Contents

pp. 6

A Word from the Guest Editor

Sanja Andus L’Hotellier

pp. 8

The Body of the Master (1993) followed by The Dance Master (In Question) (2017)

Dominique Dupuy

pp. 17

On Dance Pedagogy and Embodiment

Jessica Zeller

pp. 21

Rethinking Pedagogy and Curriculum Models: Towards a Socially Conscious Afro-Cuban Dance Class

Carolyn Pautz

pp. 26

Contemporary Arts Pedagogy in India: Adishakti’s “Source of Performance Energy” Workshop

Shanti Pillai

pp. 35

The Entity as Teacher—The Case for Canada’s NationalChoreographic Seminars

Carol Anderson & Norma Sue Fisher-Stitt

pp. 40

Lost (and Found) in Transmission: An Awakening of the Senses

Elizabeth Robinson

pp. 43

What Will Survive Us? Sigurd Leeder and His Legacy

Clare Lidbury