Talking Black Dance Inside Out/Outside In

2016 | XXXVI

Photo: Dancing For Justice, December 13, 2014, Philadelphia PA, courtesy of Aidan Un.

Guest Editors: Thomas DeFrantz & Takiyah Nur Amin

This special edition of Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies grows from exchanges inspired by the Collegium for African Diaspora Dance (CADD) conference Dancing the African Diaspora: Theories of Black Performance held at Duke University February 7-9, 2014. That event grew from a meeting convened in April 2012, when the founding members of CADD- then called the African Dance‚ Research Group-convened in Durham, sponsored by SLIPPAGE: Performance|Culture|Technology, to discuss current research projects and share ambitions for developing a group of scholars working in the areas of African diaspora dance. We envisioned a space where our work in corporeality studies, Black Dance, sexualities and dance, dance historiography, dance and healing, dance and pedagogy, the businesses of dance, and an array of other related topics could benefit from our collective engagement…

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Table of Contents

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A Word from the Guest Editors:

Thomas DeFrantz & Takiyah Nur Amin

pp. 14

Legacy, Evolution and Transcendence In “The Magic of Katherine Dunham”

Joshua Legg & April Berry

pp. 18

Embodied Knowledge: Katherine Dunham Modeling the Retrieval and Transformation of African Ritual Dance

Neith S. Sankofa

pp. 21

Junkanoo and Carnival as Theoretical Frameworks: A Pedagogical Narrative

A’keitha Carey

pp. 28

Decolonizing Alliances: The Terms of World Dance in David Roussève/ REALITY’s Saudade

Alessandra Williams

pp. 34

“Passing Out”

Mark Broomfield

pp. 36

Getting Down with Social Uplift: The Meaning of the Waltz to African-American Southern Debutantes

Avis Hatcher Puzzo

pp. 44

The Mis-Education of the Global Hip-Hop Community: In Conversation with Duane Lee Holland

Tanya Calamoneri

pp. 48

Mackenson Israel Blanchard on Hip-Hop Dancein Haiti

Mario LaMothe

pp. 54

“Recipe for Elevation”

Dionne C. Griffiths

pp. 55

When Dance Voices Protest

Gregory King and Ellen Chenoweth

pp. 66


Takiyah Nur Amin & Thomas F. DeFrantz

pp. 67

Pivot, Pivot, Run, and Jump: the Choreography of Basketball as Art and Sport

Maura Keefe

pp. 72

Noir? Choreographies of Blackness by Sonya Lindfors

Hanna Järvinen

pp. 78

Congregating on Denzel: Niv Acosta’s Deconstructionof Black Masculinity

Doran George

pp. 83

Dynamic Traditions in Kimberly Miguel Mullen’s Yemanja, Mother of the Deep

Elyan Hill

pp. 88

Reflections of Two Dance Teachers: Teaching and Learning Baakasimba Dance- In and Out of Africa

Jill Pribyl & Ibanda Grace Flavia

pp. 95

Choreographing the Individual: Andréya Ouamba’s Contemporary (African) Dance Approach

Amy Swanson

pp. 100

Dancing Dakar, 2011-2013

Keith Hennessy

pp. 108

Whiteness Revisited: Reflections of a White Mother

Esther Baker-Tarpaga

pp. 113

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