Dance Under the Shadow of the Nation

2019 | Volume XXXIX

Guest Editor: Tani Sebro and Arshiya Sethi

When Eric Hobsbawm wrote about the rise of nations and nationalism in the 1980s, he envisioned it to be of decreasing significance as globalization continued to undermine the importance of nation-states (1992). Rather than waning in significance, the world has instead seen a “global rise in nationalism” (Bieber 2018, 520). The study of nations and nationalism, and its intersections with politics, economics, and aesthetics, remains a key subject for scholars who take seriously the implications of struggles over power, territory, and cultural practices. Dance studies has long cast light on how nations are reproduced through aesthetic and kinesthetic practices (Reed 2010, Shapiro 2004, McNeill 1997). Today, when nationalism and nationalist resurgences stand center stage in global politics, dance and performance scholars are compelled to examine the complex ways by which the nation impacts movement aesthetics.

Table of Contents

pp. 6-7

A Word from the Guest Editors

Arshiya Sethi and Tani Sebro

pp. 8-11

Belly Dance, Persona Non Grata of Cultural Dance

Ainsley Hawthorn

pp. 12-17

Embodying Spanishness: La Argentina and her Ballets Espagnols

Idoia Murga Castro

pp. 18-23

Changing Paradigms: India’s Early Aesthetic Nationalism

Arshiya Sethi

pp. 24-27

Uncovering the Limitations of the Indian State’s Ideologies of Nationalism and Democracy: The Official Discourse on Modern Indian Dance in the Twentieth Century

Arushi Singh

pp. 28-33

“Urban Meets Traditional”: Constructing Metropolitan Dance Aesthetics in Kampala City

Alfdaniels Mabingo

pp. 34-37

Sustaining, Shifting, and Shaping a Nation One Step at a Time: Dance Practices in Ramallah, Palestine, as a Location for Reimagining National Identity

Rose Martin

pp. 38-41

We All are Makwerekwere: Xenophobia, Nationality, Dance and South Africa

Sarahleigh Castelyn

pp. 42-45

Navigating State Ideologies Through Aesthetic Experimentations: Dance on Television at the Turn of the Century in China

Jingqiu Guan

pp. 46-48

Rihanna and Choreographies of Black Nationhood on the MTV Video Music Awards

Raquel Monroe

pp. 49-53

When Time Won’t Tell: Power, Performance, and Ethnicity in Sri Lanka

Ahalya Satkunaratnam and Venuri Perera

pp. 54-58

The Aesthetic Nationalism of Exile: Hidden Transcripts from the Thai-Myanmar Border

Tani Sebro