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Bringing you themes and debates current in the field of dance studies. The online versions of Conversations are free to the public thanks to DSA members.

This annual online publication reflects the dynamic and diverse membership of DSA and - beginning with the 2018 issue- is available to the general public as a service to the field. Editors of Conversations seek to bring you themes and debates current in the field of dance studies and the profession, alongside news from the international community of scholars in dance and related disciplines. Conversations welcomes submissions in a range of formats, from debate to poetic reveries, images to reviews. Proposals for articles and other materials should be directed to the Editor at

While DSA makes pdf versions of Conversations freely available as a service to the field, print and digital versions of the publication are a benefit of membership.

Digital access to Conversations is free for DSA members, who may access issues online by signing into the website and navigating to their dashboard or clicking "member access" at left when logged in.

Upcoming Issue
Popular Dance: The Popular as Political
Guest editors: Melissa Blanco Borelli and Anamaría Tamayo Duque

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