Decolonizing Dance Discourses

2020 | Volume XL

Conversations 2020 Cover Copy

Anurima Banerji: Guest Editor

Royona Mitra: Guest Editor

This special issue of Conversations is dedicated to the theme of ‘Decolonizing Dance Discourses,’ framed by critiques of anti-Black racism and caste injustice in our discipline. These powerful and uncompromising offerings to our field are crucial to its reimaginings. We are grateful for the authors’ forthright honesty, their incisive words, and their urgent call to expose the injustices in our field. Their contributions will, we hope, reverberate across Dance Studies as we commit to the ongoing labour of (re)making the field towards becoming an equitable space of reflection, research, and action.

Table of Contents

pp. 4-5


Anurima Banerji and Royona Mitra

pp. 6-9

Opening Words

Takiyah Nur Amin

pp. 10-12

Black Women Respond to a Double Pandemic:”The Emotional W(ait)eight”

Crystal U. Davis and Nyama McCarthy-Brown

pp. 13-15

The Politics of Naming the South Indian Dancer

Nrithya Pillai

pp. 16-19

It is Time for a Caste Reckoning in Indian”Classical” Dance

Anusha Kedhar

pp. 20-21

Discussing the Undiscussable, Part 2;or, This Might Hurt Your Feelings

Nadine George-Graves

pp. 22-24

2019 Gathering Introductory Remarks

Anurima Banerji and Royona Mitra

pp. 25-27

Black Laws of Dance

Jasmine Johnson

pp. 28-30

The Problem with “Dance”

Prarthana Purkayastha

pp. 31-35

RUXIMIK QAK’U’X: Inextricable Relationalitiesin Mayan Performance Practice

Maria Firmino-Castillo

pp. 36-38

Decentering Choreography: Natya as Postcolonial Performance-making

Cynthia Ling Lee

pp. 39-42

Dancing on Violent Ground: George Balanchine and Urban Depopulation

Arabella Stanger

pp. 43-45

Women Dancers and Morality in Bangladesh

Munjulika Tarah

pp. 46-48

Marie Bryant’s Demonstrative Body and the Reproductive Labor of Transmitting Technique

Anthea Kraut

pp. 49-50

Decolonizing Gender Binaries, Decolonizing “Care”

Clare Croft

pp. 51-53

(Home) Training in Breaking Culture

Imani Kai Johnson

pp. 54-56

Performing Performative Decolonizing

Shanti Pillai

pp. 57-59

The Materiality of Knowledge in FilipinoMartial Arts Training

Janet O'Shea

pp. 60-62

Love and “Looking”: Rituals of Immersion

Melissa Blanco Borelli

pp. 63-74

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