2018 Annual Conference Proceedings

Contra: Dance & Conflict

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The 2018 DSA Annual Conference Contra: Dance & Conflict, was held July 5-8, 2018 at the University of Malta, Valetta, Malta. Each presenter at the conference was invited to contribute to the Proceedings. Those who chose to contribute did so by submitting pdf files, which are assembled here. There was minimal editorial intervention — little more than the addition of page numbers and headers. Authors undertook to adhere to a standard format for fonts, margins, titles, figures or illustrations, order of sections, and so on, but there may be minor differences in format from one paper to another. The proceedings were edited by Kristie Mortimer.

Presenters’ affiliations and biographical information are shown as they appeared in the conference program book, which was compiled in June, 2018.

Individual authors hold the copyrights to their papers. The Dance Studies Association is not legally responsible for any violation of copyright; authors are solely responsible.

Table of Contents

pp. 1-18

Choreographic/Political Performances: Bodies, Spaces, Actions (Steven Cohen, Femen,Nuit debout)

Michel Briand

pp. 19-30

When German Dance Migrated: A Legacy in Archives

Josephine Fenger

pp. 31-38

Body Contended: Practicing Somatics in Cold War Europe

Elisa Frasson

pp. 39-48

The bulwark in the history of dance in Brazil: the character of political resistancein the choreographies of Ballet Stagium - 1971-1979

Rafael Guarato

pp. 49-54

Dai Ailian’s Anti-Japanese Dance: Focusing on Her Programs during the Second World War

Yukiyo Hoshino

pp. 55-65

Dancing behind the wire: choreographed bodies in protest

Anny Mokotow

pp. 66-77

Text, Music, Dance: Conflicting Allegiances in Angelin Preljocaj’s Roméo et Juliette

Nona Monahin and Christian Rogowski

pp. 78-83

Echoes of a remote conflict in an encounter between contemporary dance and bharata natyam

Cristiana Natali

pp. 84-95

Somatic Activism: A Sword Not [Only] A Shield

Nita Little Nelson

pp. 96-104

A Field of Conflict: The Higher Private Professional Dance Schools in Greece and the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports

Marianna Panourgia

pp. 105-112

On Subversive Space Strategies Used by Hungarian Contemporary Dance Creators inLate Socialism

Petra Péter

pp. 113-124

The Uncanny: the Fear of the Un/Known. Affective Conflicts in the Presence/Absence of Sightand Sound

Katharina Rost

pp. 125-134

The Mature Age of Contemporary Dance: Ageism and Conflict on Stage

Luísa Roubaud

pp. 135-145

The Materiality of Conflict in Contact: Improvisational Explorations in ‘Pitch’

Malaika Sarco-Thomas

pp. 146-153

Bodies and Sounds in Digital Music and Dance Cultures

Stephanie Schroedter

pp. 154-166

Feminine Nightclub dances revival and the global market: Commodifying Western Cultural Imaginaries and Stereotypes

Ma Dolores Tena Medialdea

pp. 167-185

Conflicts in Maltese Identity and Lineage: the future and legacy

Francesca Tranter

pp. 186-192

Unresolved conflict between public teaching and private teaching: the Royal School of Ballet of San Carlo Theatre in Naples

Maria Venuso

pp. 193-210

Performing the Medieval Masculine Subject Through Grace

James Whitta

pp. 211-219

Discourteous Courtesies and Irreverent Reverences: Rethinking the Renaissance Bow

Emily Winerock

pp. 220-232

Yeichi Nimura’s Dance Career in Twentieth-Century America

Emi Yagishita

pp. 233-239

The Individualized choreography in the name of “Folk Dance” in China

Mu Yui